Solar Road, Traffic Products and Deck Lights

The solar flush mounted walkway and cycleway light offers trip hazard free, all-night dusk to dawn lighting that will clearly define a walkway or cycleway. This premium product it at the forefront of solar technology offering a super capacitor as power storage in place of a battery allowing an extended life to greater than 8 years. Various colours and static or flashing modes are options. The light is designed in three parts, the cast aluminium base that is set into the substrate, the removable epoxy filled internal componentry and the nonslip polycarbonate lens. The light is IP68(submersible) waterproof rated and has a weight rating exceeding 30 tons making it suitable for roadway installations.

Solar Road Markers or lane markers are a low-cost, self-contained, solar-rechargeable, LED illuminated marker. They can be used to reduce speed, signal driver attention to common features, hazards, and dangerous bends on our roads. Commonly used on sharp corners, dangerous bends, pedestrian crossings/refuges, concrete traffic islands, median/dividing strips, bike lanes, speed humps, merging lanes, roundabouts, guard rails, narrow bridges ‘KEEP CLEAR’ intersections, and more.

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