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36W Solar Batten Light

  • Exceptional light output from 384 SMD LED's

  • 80 Watt, tempered glass solar panel and mounting frame included

  • Ultra-thin flexible solar panels available

  • Premium 2*2.5mm × 3.5mtr plug & play cable inc. waterproof MC4 connectors

  • The entire light head is IP67 (waterproof/dustproof) rated

  • Fixed or hanging light head installation kit included

  • Ideal for large area lighting, outdoor or indoor

  • 72 individual timer and brightness settings accessed by remote control

  • Mounting height 4-6 meters

  • High quality inbuilt lithium battery

  • More than 4 nights light output

  • 2 year warranty for faulty workmanship or component failure not influenced by external means

Our solar batten light range offers the latest in solar lighting technology. A compact innovative design featuring high light output, 72 programmable lighting modes, Lithium battery, Microwave (Radar) sensor. Simple plug and play installation with premium MC4 waterproof connectors, solar panel mounting bracket and light mounting hardware included. A perfect solution for many outdoor applications such as carports, bus shelters, temporary shelters, street kiosks, camping, boating or any remote locations where mains power is a challenge.



Solar Panel Wattage


LED Output


Lumen Output

4200 lm

Battery Type


Battery Specifications

12V 33AH (396Wh)


> 5 nights, setting dependent

Correlated Colour Temp (CCT)


Fixture Size

92 (I) x 84 (w) x 900 (h) mm

Light Source

Samsung 2835


6 hours

Mounting Height



Surface or suspension mounted


Moulded polycarbonate

Warranty Period

3 years

Additional Information
Efficient Control System:

An MPPT controller is included in all our solar led batten lights, this allows for 30% faster charging than a standard PWM controller. It will ensure the battery is fully charged each day even if there is limited exposure to full sun.

72 Variable Lighting Modes:

The 72 programmable lighting modes are easily set by remote. You can switch between energy saving modes and constant lighting easily. Lighting time, brightness and duration are also controlled by remote. The user manual is available in the downloads tab on this page

Microwave Sensor

The microwave (radar) sensor is significantly more sensitive and operates at a wider angle and longer distance (12m) than the standard PIR (passive infrared) sensor.

Large Battery Backup Capacity:

The compact design includes a premium lithium battery with more than 4 nights autonomy (continuous operation on a single full charge) in energy saving mode or 12 hrs in constant lighting at 100% output.

IP67 rated Water/Dust proof:

Completely protected against ingress of solid objects like dust and sand. Tested to operate for a minimum of 30 minutes whilst under 1 mtr of water

What is a Lumen?

In simple terms, Lumens are a measure of the total amount of visible light from a lamp or light source. The higher the lumen rating, the “brighter” the lamp will work.

How does this compare with other light sources?

Familiar examples
• A typical 4 x D cell battery maglite will emit approx. 70 lumens
• The average path light using 2-3 LEDs emits 15-18 lumens
• A 25W incandescent globe emits approximately 160 lumens