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Solar wall light 1

  • High quality aluminium / Polypropylene case

  • Three seperate modes of operation

  • Convenient pull cord to change operational modes

  • Ideal for wall, decorative or safety / security lighting

  • 3 super bright LEDs, warm white

  • 28 super bright LEDs, cool white

  • Requires 10 - 12 hours charge prior to first use, 4 - 6 hour recharge time

  • Warranty: 1 year warranty for faulty workmanship
    or component failure not influenced by external means




Aluminum / Polycarbonate

Solar panel

5.5V, 3W - 160mm*175mm

Charge time

8 hours


3 Led's - 2700k, warm light
28 Led's - 6500k, cool light

Light Source

28+3 High intensity Led's




3.7V, 5AH

Additional Information
Modes of operation

Mode 1, Dim light, 70 lumen (three warm leds) until the PR is activated where the 28 LED's (cool white) operate at 1000 lumen until no movement is detected, returning to the dim mode.

Mode 2, Light operates at a constant 1000 Lumen (100%)

Mode 3, Light operations at a constant 500 Lumen (50%)

What is a Lumen?

In simple terms, Lumens are a measure of the total amount of visible light from a lamp or light source. The higher the lumen rating, the “brighter” the lamp will work.

How does this compare with other light sources?

Familiar examples
• A typical 4 x D cell battery maglite will emit approx. 70 lumens
• The average path light using 2-3 LEDs emits 15-18 lumens
• A 25W incandescent globe emits approximately 160 lumens